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I’d like to tell you that I got some rest this weekend.  I’d like to tell you that all of the chores got done.  I’d like to tell you that Josh and I got along the whole time and that he was good to me.  I’d like to tell you that the sleep over with my nieces was perfect.

But Mom told me that lying isn’t nice.

The sleep over wasn’t terrible, but the girls have so much more energy than the rest of us.  They really were pretty good for the most part.  A insisted on waking Josh up good and early Saturday morning, which was really adorable.  And pretty well the only reason he got out of bed.

He and I fought a fair bit, I suspect because of him being out of the Androgel.  I left another message with the doc’s office today – the THIRD – and still haven’t heard anything.  If they don’t call today I’ll be calling and asking for the Office Manager in the morning.  This is bullshit.

My paper is officially done.  K found a few minor things on Friday and I got that taken care of yesterday morning while Josh was sleeping.  Until 11am.  Not happy about that.  And then of course last night he wasn’t at all tired so I ended up being awake until nearly midnight.  Nice.

And it snowed this weekend, just like they said it would.  I’d guess at least 4″, and it’s bitter cold out.  I actually wore tennis shoes today.  I don’t usually have too much trouble with the cold, but the last few days I’ve felt it in my bones.  I realize I’m not actually all that old yet, but I feel like it right now.

I did order the transdermal medicine for Evie.  She’s kind of taking the lunch meat thing for now, but I don’t want to have to rely on that.  Plus, the other kitty – Sissy – thinks that if Evie’s getting a “treat” she needs one, too, and Sis is on the chubby side.  Anyway, I’m making it work for now.

Mom’s CT scan is tomorrow night.  I’m going to meet her there just in case something happens.  What worries me most is that her blood pressure goes up every time we have to go there.  This is the hospital where my dad spent so much time while he was dying and she has trouble being there because of that.  (totally can’t blame her)

We’ll be getting the brat this weekend and I’m really not excited about it.  I need to go out and finish my holiday shopping, except I don’t really know who I’m even shopping for.  We had told her last time we had her that it’s her call as to where we go.  If we go to Josh’s dad’s house I’ll need to get gifts for all of them, which I’m not even sure I can afford.  Christmas just kind of sucks when you’re an adult.  And I’m sure I’ll get the same thing from Josh this year that I got last year – absolutely nothing.  And that’s fine really, I have no intention of getting anything for him.