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I really hate to bitch about physical stuff.  So many of my friends go through so much pain bullshit every day that I feel like my piddly little crap isn’t worth voicing.  Today I’m going to whine – something is really fucking twisting me.

It started yesterday, late afternoon.  Just kind of a weird twinge-y thing over my right kidney.  I thought maybe I’d twisted wrong.  Only it keeps getting worse.  I sucked it up during class, stayed in during break, and then laid down pretty much as soon as I got home.  It got really bad then.  Eventually my meds kicked in and I passed out.

I woke up feeling alright and thought it had passed.  About 20 minutes ago it started again and it’s worse than yesterday.  My ex had kidney stones and they’d always make themselves known with pain in his back – makes me wonder if that isn’t what this is.  It’s sharp, only on the right side, and it lingers for a bit before subsiding.  If anyone has any thoughts I’d love to hear them.

I did finally  hear from the fucking nurse yesterday about Josh’s Rx.  According to her, the doc has been at the hospital doing rounds since Thursday.  I call BULLSHIT on that one.  I know he does do rounds, but 3 days in a row?  And he can’t be fucking bothered to check his email?  I’m leaving them alone today, but if I haven’t heard by the end of the day today…  Oh no, those bitches will rue the day.  And I am perfectly ok with finding a different doc at one of the other hospitals.  I’m getting tired of these fucks.

I have one more assignment to write for class and then I’m totally done.  This is just a reflection on what we feel we learned, what we liked, shit like that.  I might try to do that this afternoon when I’m back in my regular office.  It really shouldn’t take too long.  Being able to turn that paper in last night felt really good.  I haven’t put that much of myself in a project in a long time.