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It ended up being so cold here on Christmas Eve that my sister finally decided it wouldn’t be a good idea to take the kids outside, so we skipped church.  We got there early and opened gifts with the girls.  My sister and I haven’t exchanged gifts since my oldest niece was born, but I always get stuff for Mom, Grandma, and the girls.  Mom generally gets us big kids something large – I got the new mattress this year and my sister got a new high-end digital camera.  But the nieces were concerned about everyone having something to open, so Mom and I picked out a little something for everyone.  I got some new colorful socks and a sugar skull rubber stamp and Josh got an orange shirt.  He didn’t seem terribly excited, though he wore the shirt the next day.

On Christmas Day I sent him to get the kid by himself.  I had things to do and didn’t want to waste an hour in the car.  They finally got here around 11 and we opened gifts.  She liked all of the stuff we got her – she seemed really excited about some of the silly little things that I had picked out – and didn’t really know what to make of the big, expensive sound board project thing that Josh had picked out.  And then we opened our gifts from her.  I knew I was getting new slippers – it was a suggestion I had given and I was standing next to Josh when the ex called to confirm what size.  I had no idea they’d be this incredibly awesome.

Coolest slippers EVER

Coolest slippers EVER

They fit perfect, they’re fluffy and soft, and they have pink skulls – PERFECT.  As I had also known, Josh got a Kindle.  It’s not brand new – refurbished – but she spent her own money on it.  Every time she’s come over he’s bitched about that damn Nook so she decided that a Kindle would be the perfect gift for him.  He didn’t say a whole lot about it, fiddled with it some trying to figure out what to do to make it work, and then had to go take a shower so we could leave.  The kid then told me how much she likes it when he’s not around and it’s just me and her.

So we headed to his dad’s house and the raging case of “stick up butt” set in.  We got there and his dad tried talking to him and he was giving these really shitty one word answers.  I pulled him outside to smoke and told him he either figured out how to fix his fucking attitude or he could leave.  Without me.  He managed to mostly get himself in a better mood, but it didn’t last.

Our time over there was alright.  The food was better than usual and I actually had a pretty decent time.  We got some gifts that were odd but some that were really good.  And everyone seemed to enjoy the things that we had picked out for them.  We finally headed home around 6:30.

As we’re laying in bed last night Josh starts talking about the Kindle and how he wished the kid had saved her money and gotten him something else.  It’s not big enough.  He can’t figure out how to use it.  He’d have rather had one of the new, bigger Nooks.


It’s gotten to the point where I just really don’t want much of anything to do with him.  I’m fairly sure that part of what’s going on is him pouting that he hasn’t gotten to drink lately.  I’m also feeling fairly sure that he’s probably been finding a way to sneak it.  And I really don’t care.  If he wants to kill himself like that, far be it from me to stop him.

Anyway, Evie Cat seems to be doing better.  She still doesn’t like having the cream put in her ears, but she isn’t fighting like she was and she isn’t running off to hide afterwards anymore.  It looks like she’s starting to put a little weight back on and the fur is coming back in nicely on her legs.  She’s snoozing in her chair right now, cute as can be.

I’ve got work I need to get done before I head back on 1/2/14.  There’s a class I’m set to teach on the 6th that’s going to require so much revision that it might as well be a new prep.  I usually give myself a few months for those – I get less than a full 7 days this time.  And I still need to finish updating some records on a spreadsheet.  Fortunately I was able to whittle it down from 1200 to less than 200 before we left for the holiday.

No rest for the wicked.