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The ick lingers.  I’m still not thinking it requires a trip to see the doc as it is getting better.  Slowly.  Like “continental drift” kind of slowly.

I woke up around 4am today, freezing.  I had thrown off all the blankets again.  Unfortunately Josh had also thrown off his half of the blankets and got cold at the same time – and mistakenly grabbed mine.  I carefully fixed the situation, after he growled at me.  I seem to remember him saying something about his throat being sore, but he got up and went to work.

I’ve got things I should probably be working on, but I’m still tired.  And I’m not quite right.  My hands have been shaking a little more than usual for awhile now.  My co-workers noticed and pointed it out yesterday at lunch and then in the afternoon it got to where I couldn’t hardly type or work the stupid mouse.  So I called shrinky-poo and I have an appointment over the lunch hour.  I was going to be seeing her later this month anyway, so I’m not all that worried about it.  Just kind of frustrating.

Evie Cat continues to improve, and Sissy Cat is taking full advantage of the situation.  Evie still needs to gain some weight so we’re feeding them before dinner.  Last night Josh set out 2 slices of chicken lunch meat – one for each of them – but Evie didn’t want to come upstairs for him.  Sissy promptly snarfed both pieces.  I coaxed Evie off her throne (otherwise known as the pile of blankets I routinely leave heaped on the bed when I leave in the morning) and offered her 2 slices.  She ate most of it and then Sissy finished.  She’s putting weight back on and her fur is definitely growing back in.  I don’t want Sissy putting on an unhealthy amount of weight while we get Evie back in shape, but I also don’t feel like it’s fair to give on baby a treat and not the other.

20140102_212143That was last night at bedtime.  Josh has this odd thing about covering her up with his bandanas.  Some nights she just sits there and pretends to ignore him.  Last night she played with it for a bit before settling in to being content to be sort of wrapped up.  She is beautiful.