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Ok so, um, I did not exercise this weekend.  I was busy cleaning shit.  Not literally, more like tearing apart the coat closet and reorganizing it, cleaning out my car – all the way this time, organizing some stuff in the garage, cleaning out the fridge…  I’ve come to the realization that if I’m surrounded by chaos and clutter, my brain gets very unhappy and refuses to work properly.  And honest to squirrels, part of me getting healthy is taking care of the mental health stuff.  Getting rid of unnecessary stress falls squarely into that category.

Anyway, the house looks super.  We finally unpacked a little battery operated fountain Josh’s sister gave us for Christmas and set it up on the long dresser.

isn't it cute?

isn’t it cute?

About a million years ago I crocheted the doily it’s sitting on.  It had been living on my nightstand until I knocked over a cup of red fizzy water last week.  Fortunately we had a stash of Oxyclean on hand and it really did work to get the whole stain out.  Praise the almighty ceiling cat for truth in advertising.

This morning I’ve been trying to get ahead on the stuff I know needs to be done for the coming weeks.  I’ve sent class notices for my next 4 sessions, gotten the flyer for those updated and printed, got the flyer for the 2 after that updated and a copy printed as a proof, cleaned up some old files, downloaded all of the files I need to print for my grad class, cleaned up my inbox, cleaned out my mini-fridge, eaten lunch, and handled various issues that have come in.

I’ve only smoked 2 cigarettes since I’ve been here.  I am contemplating going out again, especially since it’s so nice out today, but I don’t feel as though it’s an urgent need.  Thinking this is really good.

So I’m getting ready for my next class which starts on Wednesday.  This is Information Design and it’s taught by the same wingnut that taught the class last summer.  Some of the readings are even the same, which is pissing me off.  I didn’t think it was necessary to keep that shit, so now I get to print it all over again.  (it kills my eyes to read long docs on a computer screen)  So now I’m printing what will probably amount to half a ream of paper.  (yeah, pretty fucking close)  And it will have to be 3-hole punched, put in order of when I’ll have to read it, dividers inserted, and all of it put in my awesomely rockin’ purple binder with the sugar skull drawing that Josh did on the front.  Why be a boring grad student when you can totally rock that shit?

I’ve been listening to some tunes today, and that’s been playing a part in keeping my head from exploding.

I dare you to watch this and not smile.  But if that’s not your style, perhaps this is…


One “tip” I’d like to offer for those of us doing the “getting healthy” thing.  I’ve taken to drinking either hot cocoa or mocha in the mornings, using the pods for the Keurig machines.  I make mine in a double-size mug and fill the rest with low fat milk.  I’ve also been adding one of these…

International Delight Almond Joy in a single serving package

International Delight Almond Joy in a single serving package

These are only 30 calories, shelf stable, and not ungodly expensive.  The coffee shop I like to go to makes candy bar mochas and Almond Joy is my fav.  This stuff plus a mocha pod and the milk makes a much cheaper and much healthier version – and won’t make me late for work.  I found them in the coffee aisle at the grocery store.