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I went back to work today.  I won’t say it was a mistake, I did live through it, but I’m beat.  This is the first time I’ve been this up and this active in many days.  It really rather sucked.

But I did get to spend some time with some of my pals, and we ordered in really good Italian lunch (which I am burping the garlic of like a fiend right now), and I got caught up on a few things.

Funny bit – I had a meeting with K this afternoon.  Our meetings often involve just sitting and talking about random stuff, which is awesome.  We get a ton of shit done this way, but in our own non-linear kind of fashion.  Anyway, we were talking about another female co-worker – B – and K asks me, “so, do you think she’s gay?”  Now, before you judge what you think is us judging – neither of us really gives a shit.  It makes no difference in the way we’re going to treat her or her ability to perform her job.   It’s just frustrating as hell not knowing because she does put off some vibes that you’d normally expect from a lesbian.  And we don’t feel at all right asking her, because again, totally doesn’t matter.

But this is how I found out that K isn’t gay, which also had me wondering.  Apparently she’s interested in having a man in her life, but definitely not in her living room.  I get that, 100%.

Anyway, where was I?