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One of the things I’ve gotten reasonably good at since going through all of the treatment stuff for mental illness is being able to see (with help sometimes) and work through (with help sometimes) my many road blocks.

We all have road blocks, be they big or small.  Mine yesterday felt huge, Godzilla sized.  I sat in this chair and looked around my living space and honestly said to myself, “I cannot possibly get through all of this and my homework this weekend, it’s just not possible.”  And I was right – with that attitude I was destined to fail.

So I did what I always do when faced with something that seems insurmountable – I made a list.

best notebooks ever

best notebooks ever

If you’re not familiar, this is called a steno pad.  It’s a smallish notebook with lined paper and two columns.  These are EXCELLENT for making lists, particularly when you want two lists side by side.

My list always goes on the left, Josh’s on the right.  And I knew myself well enough to know that the housework was going to have to get finished before I even touched my homework.  The chaos of a messy living space is not at all conducive to me being able to do brain-work.

And then I dove in.  Kina told me about a technique that she uses when overwhelmed like this – The Pomodoro Technique.  (not endorsing anything here, just wanted it to be easy for y’all to find more info if you feel so inclined)  Anyway, I really mostly already do this, which is cool – and makes sense.  It’s a time management thing and I’m pretty damn good at that.

I got a ton of stuff done while Josh was still sleeping, which is nearly always the case.  Boy ended up sleeping until 11:15 yesterday, but then he busted hump and got all but one thing done on his list before we had dinner.

Anyway, there’s just a bit of laundry left to be dealt with, I need to mix up dinner (creamy crockpot white chicken chili), and then get stuff together to head to the office.  I’ve decided it’ll probably be easier to work there and stay out of Mom’s way.