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I am a grown up so I will try to act like one.  I will probably swear, but I will do my best not to swear at anyone.  I will not pout or throw a tantrum.  I will try to remember that sarcasm is probably not nice.  I will remember that having a cocktail will really probably only make my mood worse.  I will remember that – eventually – it will get better.

January – I don’t think I have ever been so incredibly fucking happy to see a month done and over.  Except it looks like February is going to bite me in the ass, too.

Work is just…  Just…  Sweet flying squirrels in combat boots doing Irish jigs – I don’t even have the linguistic capacity to tell you how fucking terrible it’s getting.  The new woman needs to be duct taped to something.  T is back to his old tricks of half assed effort, half truths, and scamming free coffee.  B – the idiot “communication” person is sort of part of the team, but not really, and mostly about as bright as a sack of hammers.  My boss is so wrapped up in her personal life that she doesn’t have 5 spare minutes to devote to doing her fucking job.

So that leaves me and K.  And we’re pretty fucking fed up.

I know that being sick didn’t help.  I got behind on things and then shit hit the fan and then the big boss dropped a project on “us” and by “us” I mean me.  Yay.

And school – fuck me with a chainsaw.  I was sick two weeks ago and the prof was sick this week.  I’m still trying to get caught up on everything because she dumped another damn assignment on us since we didn’t have class.  Thanks, why don’t you give me a raging case of crabs while you’re at it.

Josh is on his way to get the brat.  She is STILL having issues with the migraines.  Evidently the ex has finally sought appropriate medical care, but this guy is telling her that if certain smells bother her, that might be part of what triggers the migraines.

She doesn’t like that we smoke.  Yup, get that.  So we don’t smoke in the car when she’s in it and we’ve never smoked in the house.  She called Josh this morning and told him that she doesn’t want him to smoke in the car on his way to get her – the smell is still there when he gets there.

I get that smoke bothers some people, I really do.  I’m sensitive to certain smells myself – my boss’s new lotion makes me want to gag.  But seriously, how do you get the smoke smell out of a vehicle that gets smoked in the other 26 days of the month?

And Josh’s step-mom invited us over for dinner tonight.  I really don’t want to go, but we hardly ever see them and I feel like since she made the effort to reach out to us that we should do it.  Plus it’ll get the brat out of my hair for awhile – Josh has an adopted little sister who is only slightly older than the brat.  It’s weird.  But they’re over across the river, too – not as far as the brat, but it’s still damn near a 30 minute drive one way.  And they’re really church-y, closed-minded people.  Oh so much fun…

I’m frustrated, and I’m feeling a little fried, and I dropped damn near $300 at the vet’s office this morning.  I’m not upset about that, well maybe a little, but it needed to be done.  Sissy hadn’t been in 3 years and needed just a regular exam and her shots.  Evie needed shots and her blood work to check the thyroid stuff.  They behaved well, both weigh what they should, and I’ll get the results of the blood work on Monday.  It’s just a larger chunk than I was expecting to need to spend.  Here’s hoping my tax refund comes promptly.