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Argh, someone make it stop…

That skin “fun” I deal with has been acting up again.  Last week it was my right leg – a big ass golf ball sized cyst that refused to drain.  The slightest touch was like a knife.  Then sometime this weekend it shut down and one of the Old Faithfuls on my left leg started up.  This time it’s red and swollen to about the size of a small plate and one of the many geysers is actively draining.  It smells like death.  And no, I’m not purposely sticking my nose between my legs – just sitting here in my desk chair comfortably I can smell myself.  It’s beyond rank.  So I’m debating whether or not to call my GP to see about an appointment since I may actually have a legitimate infection this time.

I also have what may or may not be another cyst on my torso kind of under my right boob – very handily lined up with where the wire for my bra sits.  It hurts like holy fuck.  I’ve decided that I just can’t win.

One of the errands we ran on Saturday was to Target to get Josh some new underwear.  He had evidently decided that the snug fitting boxers would be awesome.  He also decided that he could totally squeeze his ass into a size large.  WRONG.  But we didn’t get confirmation of this until this morning.  After he had unwrapped both packages.  And I washed them.  Both packages that were $20 each.  And now can’t be returned.

Things at work aren’t too terrible right now.  I had a fairly busy morning but now I’m going to try to get some of my own stuff done, like scanning that paper for my next assignment.