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This has been an incredibly busy two days at work.  And Sunday at home turned out alright, but also busy.  There really hasn’t been any relaxing around here for awhile.  That, my friends, is about to change.

The visit with Dr. P went really well.  REALLY WELL.  He was exactly as I pictured he’d be plus twice as wonderful to talk to.  He invited us to come visit him at least half a dozen times, which would be incredible.  It was quite possibly the most rewarding work-related project I’ve ever undertaken.

However, next time I decide that new dress shoes on a Monday when I have to walk all over the place is a swell idea, will someone please smack me?  I have a huge bloody blister on the back on my right foot.  Today I wore hand-knit wool socks with Birk clogs.

The mental stuff has stayed pretty remarkably in check.  I’ve been a little grumpy because I’ve been so nervous, and because my stomach has been reacting to that, but not too bad.  Evie is helping.  You really just can’t be too crabby when there’s a small purring ball of fluff sitting next to you.

Last night she hopped up on my desk and thought she’d help herself to my bowl of rice pudding.  We discussed that too much cream would upset her tummy, so I let her have the dregs when I was finished.  She licked the bowl clean and then promptly passed out.

I haven’t had a chance to work ahead with my school stuff, but I’m ok with that.  Tonight I’m planning to park my ass on the couch, watch some tv that I enjoy, and knit.  I kind of feel like I deserve that.