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Evidently my Indian name is Totally Burps Catfish, who knew?

Today was quite possibly the craziest day of the week, thus far anyway. I had an appointment at 8 with one of my fav faculty ladies and we had a great chat about mental illness after I helped her with some questions she had about the things she wanted to do online for her class. Yet another delightful person who was totally floored when I outed myself as having a mental health Dx. For some reason it just tickles me to no end to hear a normie tell me how high functioning I am.

At 9:30 I had one of the fire safety faculty guys come in for help setting up online tests. Time consuming, though not utterly complicated most of the time, but I had never tried to walk someone through it on a Mac before and Safari wasn’t playing nice. We got around it and when Sue showed up to relieve me I asked her to look into it, seeing as I know how to spell “mac” but that’s about it.

The littles showed up for lunch and we had a great time. The younger one was getting kind of restless so I took her around the entire department and introduced her to anyone who was in their office. She loved it. Most of the folks I introduced her to were fellas and they were quite charmed by her adorableness. She gets that from me.

After they left I spent a few minutes talking to my boss. She informed me that since I seem to be the only squirrel in our herd with organizational skills that are worth a fuck, I’ll be getting to help with the big move/conversion/merger of our website into the new content management system. Yay.

About that time the fire dude came back and was ready to finish getting his tests done to put out for the students Sunday night. I finally wrapped up at 4 and got the hell out of there. I called Josh on the way home to find out that his boss, who had been there less time than Josh has been at this company, got fired after lunch. His new boss is an older Mexican fella named Alfredo. And for some reason it just kills me that a Mexican guy has a name that completely reminds me of Italian food. I’m dumb like that.

I decided after the week we’d had that we needed quality vittles, so off to Famous Dave’s we went. My favorite BBQ place was in a small town south of here, where I lived for awhile, that was owned by an older guy. When he was ready to retire he closed up and sold the building. I think it’s a cheesy bar now. So I don’t really eat BBQ anymore unless it’s at home. At Famous Dave’s I eat the catfish. Doesn’t everyone go to a rib joint for fried fish?

Since getting home I’ve gone through the grocery ads and coupons, figured out what will need to be fetched from where tomorrow, run 2 loads of laundry with Josh’s help, and caught up on personal email. I’m tired and my tummy is full and I’m really hoping I sleep good tonight.

goodnight my friends, may your dreams be sweet like this adorable little squirrel

goodnight my friends, may your dreams be sweet like this adorable little squirrel