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As you may recall from previous adventures with Mama, one of the many job duties I have is to provide support – both technical and pedagogical – for the learning management system we have on campus. Most of the time I really enjoy this. And then…

Dr. KK is quite possibly the world’s biggest pain in the ass. (I wonder if his middle initial is also a K?) He’s in the middle of his second online class, though he’s been teaching long enough that he and Jesus used to compare lecture notes. He’s one of those that thinks he knows everything there is to know about technology and will frequently take on projects that are WAY above his skill level. You know the type.

Anyway, he uses the test feature of our LMS. A LOT. I’m not a big believer in tests myself. I’d rather show that I’ve learned something by demonstrating that I can use those skills in a real world application. But he gets all giddy about weekly quizzes.

Did you know that if you’re giving a quiz on the internet that your students can copy and paste your questions into a word processor document or an email message? NO WAY! We must tell the faculty! We must tell the world! This shit is EVIL! They’ve TRICKED US!!!

Uh, dude, did you know that if you handle a piece of paper inappropriately you can get cuts on your fingers? Do we need to tell the world about the evils of paper, too?

So all I know is that this is entirely above my pay grade to fuck with and I’m getting real tired of this bullshit. He’s been bitching about it for over a week now. I’ve told the people above me and no one seems interested in intervening. Fine, whatever. If no one steps up to take care of it I’ll just throw one of them under the bus.

In other news, that big ass tech symposium thing I’m helping to organize and foolishly submitted a proposal to submit at – yeah, proposal accepted IF I tweak the way my abstract is worded. Apparently faculty don’t want to hear that anything will ever be made mandatory. So by next week I have to figure out my revisions and what all equipment I need. Yeah, um, I really need a FUCKING PRESENTATION first, doncha think?

Anyway, the next two days are packed full o’ fun. Today is basically non-stop bullshit from 9 until I leave at 2 to take Josh to the shrink. Tomorrow is more of the same only it’ll probably last until 5. Friday is my birthday, which I took off work, and I have a therapy appointment. I’m also going to try to get all of my chores and such done so that I can spend the weekend hiding from Josh and the brat.