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It’s been a shit day. Not that anyone should care, but here are the highlights…

  • Josh set my milk out on the counter so I wouldn’t forget it. He did this within just a few minutes of me starting my shower. Had to rush to finish, no real time to do my hair. Got downstairs to get dressed and all the lights were off.
  • He got me smokes yesterday but left them in his lunch box. I have exactly enough to get through the day, provided I don’t smoke any more until I leave.
  • The low fuel light came on half way here.
  • Hit every fucking red light on the way.
  • Spent 20 minutes talking to a prof who should have retired years ago about how to do something that he was utterly confused about.
  • Josh insisted on calling at lunch and badgering me about what was wrong. Then, to prove he wasn’t actually listening, he sent a slew of cat pictures while we were “talking.”
  • My boss wanted me to send a message out to our team about the schedule of classes for this summer since I’m the one who puts together the big flyer. T, the only guy on our team, sent me back this huge nasty reply about why the rush and he plans his things based on what everyone else has planned. And now of course I can’t find my boss.
  • The class I had really wanted to pass off to S I couldn’t because my boss decided that she’s too busy.
  • And now I have a meeting scheduled for the very end of the day which I’m fairly sure will run long.

This is all petty and I feel like a shit for even mentioning it, but I’m pissed. Josh is alleging that he’ll take care of me tonight. Oh really? By leaving, perhaps?