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Today, March 30, was Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday. It’s also World Bipolar Day. You can read more about it here. (they also have a page on FB that’s pretty nice) As y’all know, I have a bipolar Dx and I’m not at all ashamed to talk about it. I wish Josh felt the same.

yes, you've seen this before, but not with the cool text overlay bit

yes, you’ve seen this before, but not with the cool text overlay bit. i posted this on the international bipolar foundation facebook page.

Speaking of Josh, he’s still asleep. In some respects, the Seroquel hasn’t changed a damn thing. He still mostly stays up later than he should and he mostly sleeps in way later than he should on the weekends. I could be totally wrong about this, but for me, having semi-regular sleep/wake routines and times has helped tremendously.

We got tons of stuff done yesterday. There are only a few things left to do and they mostly involved stuff I needed to finish. Mom and I ended up going shopping for awhile and Josh powered through the to do list while we were gone. He’s a really good guy sometimes.

I’ve been having problems with my pants lately, mostly with them feeling too big. Which was odd because the last time I got pants was because what I’d been wearing felt too small. But yesterday I got brave and tried on some size 18s again and they fit perfectly. YES! I also found some great jewelry on clearance and ordered a new pair of Skechers.

Assuming Josh ever wakes up, we’re going to head to my office with some supplies and so I can get some work done while Josh amuses himself with a separate computer and we both stay out of Mom’s way. Yesterday I picked up a really pretty aqua blue plate and bowl and a darker teal plastic tumbler to leave at the office so that I should really only have throw away napkins. It may seem silly, but I eat breakfast and lunch at the office 5 days a week, and that has the potential to add up to a whole lot of plastic cutlery, plates, etc. that just get tossed in the trash. Any little bit I can do to help keep quite so much of that crap from adding up should help.

I had a conversation with one of the guys at the office on Friday about some of the “frugal” things I do to help cut down on my costs and on the landfill impact. Here are some of them:

  • I asked for a mini-fridge for Christmas the one year so I can take in my own beverages, milk, snacks, etc. and not have to go to the vending machines, the convenience store on campus, or the food court anywhere near as often.
  • I buy the powdered drink mix to make the tea and lemonade I like 2 quarts at a time and then make it in an empty juice bottle. The kind of flat ones fit great in the door of the mini-fridge. Josh uses one for taking his 2 quarts worth of coffee to work every day.
  • We all use the insulated drinking glasses with the straws. I have a big one at home and a smaller one at work.
  • Josh and I both take our lunch damn near every day. He gets a sandwich (sent in a flat plastic container that gets reused), a bag of chips, some crackers with peanut butter, sometimes chocolate. I generally make a batch of pasta salad or something like that, put it in a larger container, and just dish a little out each day. I also keep shelf-stable stuff like dry cereal, crackers, granola bars, etc. in the bottom drawer of my bug file cabinet.
  • Coupons. I go through the Sunday paper, we look at the Wednesday store ads, and Mom does some kind of online coupon thing. I have no loyalty to any one store; whoever has the best deal is where I’ll go. I’m also pretty much that way with clothes. I’ll wait until I have a coupon for the store I really like to shop at, and then I’ll see how I can stretch that fucker. Yesterday they had a sign up about a 10% Teacher Discount. All you had to do was show your school ID, which I just happen to have. Score!

Anyway, I know we all have our little tips and tricks for saving money, I’d love to hear what yours are. 🙂