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Holy balls, what a fucking week… Yes, that nice British fellow is singing to his toilet. Just roll with it.

happy-insane-squirrelI just ordered all 3 of that dude’s CDs because I think he’s BRILLIANT. And because I want to use him for my intro music with my presentation. Chap-hop is totally the future of music.

Anyway, things at work were ridiculous this week. The cow-orkers were at their very worst. I finally told my boss this afternoon that I was going to beat the guy to death with my shoe. She gently suggested I go home a little early.

bossJosh and I went and had dinner together at Famous Dave’s. I don’t care for their BBQ one bit, but I think their Sweetwater Catfish Fingers are DA BOMB. Doesn’t everyone get their Lenten Friday night fish from a BBQ joint? No? Just me I guess.

eatingI’ve been wanting to try their “new” cocktails for awhile now, like preferably before they took them back off the menu. Except I didn’t think it would be a super idea for Josh to drink and I told him if he wasn’t drinking I wouldn’t drink. But tonight we decided all we really needed was one each – we’d totally be good. Totally.

popcorn-sutton-moonshinersThis creepy old fucker might have made our Shiner’s Punch. It was a combo of cherry moonshine, pineapple juice, and turpentine. Delish. Very much like a Mai Tai, only it left you counting your teeth.

Happy-Squirrel-DrikingUpon arriving back at home I felt compelled to post this on FB:

Home (already) from a delightful dinner with Josh that included very tasty food, a lovely young waitress, and moonshine. I shall now either go serenade the cats or pass out on the sofa, I haven’t made up my mind yet.

I guess I haven’t done either of those yet.

begging catEvie Cat is actually probably just wishing I’d leave her the hell alone. My sense of touch is just kind of heightened right now and her fur is soooo soft. Besides, Josh keeps smacking my hand away when I try to twist up his chest pubes with my fingers.

for the love of christ, do not EVER do a google image search for "bad touch"

for the love of christ, do not EVER do a google image search for “bad touch”

Ok, I don’t think I’m going to be able to match Sheena’s sheer number of pictures posted today, but I tried. And I’m way too tired to keep trying. Nighty-nite.