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944110_486661204738323_139939597_nNot really, but that’s how it’s felt.

Between when I posted yesterday and now I’ve been a busy kid. The brisket was very tender, and the flavor wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t quite what I was going for. We decided that the idea is sound, but it needs some work. And fortunately there’s another hunk o meat in the freezer I can work with. After dinner we all plopped on the sofas and watched Jack the Giant Slayer. Excellent flick. I managed to stay awake until almost 11 last night.

cat tongue

Today Mom and I have cleaned out the pantry, the cupboards where the spices and such live, the fridge and freezer upstairs, fixed a problem on her computer, and cleaned out one of her desk drawers. I have also gotten almost all the laundry done (the bedspread is in the dryer, whoo hoo!), both bathrooms are clean, the kitty toilet got emptied, and I attempted some homework. I say attempted because I am STILL banging my head against the wall with these fucking web pages.

teachersI’ve enlisted the help of a cow-orker who just happened to be on FB this afternoon and saw the ridiculous screen shot I put up.

dwfuckedIn case you can’t tell, that’s supposed to be a list. You know…

  • I am item one.
  • I am item two.
  • We stay in an orderly line.

That shit is some kind of alternate universe herringbone nonsense. NOT COOL, DREAMWEAVER.

The damn prof teaching this class actually admitted to me that she really probably doesn’t know enough about this stuff to be teaching it, but she likes it, and no one else is qualified either.

huhDon’t ask me to explain it, it makes no damn sense to me either. And, lucky me, she’ll be teaching the next two classes I’m taking. But then I’m done with her. Come spring of next year I’ll have moved on to the Advanced Writing portion of this adventure. We shall not let it bother us.

life_is_too_short_to_give_a_fuck_by_roberlan-d77aa12And now for some gratuitous pussy shots… (of Evie and Sissy, the cats… perverts)