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It never ceases to amaze me how much different my life can be if I just let 24 hours pass.

Pretty well immediately after I hit the “publish” button I got a call from K again. Their dad was in worse shape than they thought, he was being taken directly to the cath lab for a suspected blockage. Josh then sent a text saying he thought he should go to the hospital. I told him I thought that was a good idea. He then asked me if I could leave work to go with him.

This is where I pause to explain that this is a first. Usually I would offer to go with him for something like this. But he asked me. I had no intention of offering, but I don’t know if he knew that.

Progress, ah yes…

So we went. They live across the river in the city the kid lives in and the two hospitals over there are damn near as far on the other side from us as she is. And I’d never been in that hospital (or the other one for that matter) AND it was under construction for remodeling. Fortunately we ran into a very nice nurse who got us to where we needed to be.

Anyway, yes, his dad had two arteries 100% blocked. They put a stint in one of them but they’re waiting to do the other (can anyone explain that to me?) and the doc said it looks like they caught this soon enough that there won’t be any permanent damage to his heart. Which is really good. He’s only 62 years old.

They’re keeping him in ICU for the next few days for monitoring and then he’ll go home. By the time we left we were all talking about getting together Saturday night to celebrate Josh’s birthday since we’ll have the kid again. We weren’t able to leave early enough for me to make it to my therapy appointment, but Josh made it to his psych appointment.

His doc is keeping him on the Seroquel and she added 2 5mg doses of Adderall during the day. I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I have to trust her. I think what’s scaring me is the damn pill bottle says “amphetamine salts” and the refills have to be written by hand, come from a scheduled visit, can’t be done early, etc. Which is fine, but man, that just sounds scary.

All the time spent in the car yesterday driving all over hell’s half acre gave us plenty of time to talk. He finally told me that he resents his dad for bringing him into this world. That was after I told him that I’m starting to really resent him and everything I have to do to keep him between the lines. We did seem to finally get some things out in the open and it was positive. There seems to maybe be more of an understanding between us now. I hope so.

At any rate, I’m doing alright this morning. My calendar is not ridiculous looking, which should help. I just need to find my mojo and start powering through the things I wasn’t here to do yesterday.