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I’d really kind of like to die right now. This isn’t the typical “mental stuff is out of whack and I don’t know how to cope” kind of wanting to die. Oh no, this is FAR WORSE. This is the “I think that fucking cheesecake was beyond rotten and now my insides would rather be on the outside” kind of wanting to die.

It’s finally kind of subsided, and I’m in the remote office this morning which is directly across the hall from the ladies room, but still. I mayΒ  just have an alien life form in my gut, I honestly don’t know. And now I’ve just (mistakenly) taken a big ol’ swig from a bottle of flavored fizzy water that I see expired last summer. Nice. There may well be no hope for me. Time to call in the reinforcements…

canfieldYes, this is legit. There’s a can sitting in front of me. This is just about the only kind of soda I will drink anymore. Well, this and Diet Hanson’s Black Cherry. What can I say, I don’t like cheap soda.

But I digress. Where was I headed? Fuck, who knows…

Anyway, today is therapy day. Actually, today is kind of “medical week” around these parts. I have therapy today, a visit with shrinky-poo tomorrow, and tomorrow morning Josh is having an abdominal ultrasound. His doc gave him some suggestions Friday afternoon for the heartburn stuff, which was good and seems to be helping, but Josh is having semi-persistent pain in his side that may indicate an issue with his gall bladder.

He’s going to the ultrasound ALONE, and that was his choice. πŸ™‚

The presentation is nearly done. I sent it off to a few friends to get some feedback. Just waiting to hear from them and then I’ve got a practice session scheduled tomorrow afternoon with the squirrels.

I wish I could say that my school stuff was coming along as nicely, but that dipshit I’m working with isn’t communicating much at all. GRRRR