I’m kind of sort of functional today, at least for now I am. It’s another day full of meetings. So, rather than talk about anything meaningful, I’m going to bitch about music.

Most of the bands that I listen to regularly have turned to utter SUCK, with a few minor exceptions. So I listen to the old stuff, pine for the “good old days,” and tell anyone who stands still long enough about how great the used to be. For example…

blue octoberBlue October

They did some great stuff. GREAT STUFF. Until the “Any Man in America” album. They came here while on tour promoting that monstrosity and Josh and I went. The openers were pretty good, but we only stayed for like the first 20 minutes of their set. I got to hear “Breakfast After 10” and then we were out.

I love that Justin is so open about his mental health Dx and how he advocates for fathers’ rights, but for fuck sake man, QUITE WHINING ABOUT IT ON YOUR GODDAMN ALBUMS!!!

This morning I listened to two songs from their latest album, “Sway.” The songs weren’t bad, more in line with “the good old days,” but the video for the song “Sway” is odd. I suggest a listen, but not a look. And I find it utterly hilarious that the ads that ran before both of the videos I watched were for emergency contraception and feminine napkins. Not sure why, but it was funny as fuck.

BarenakedladiesBarenaked Ladies

I’ve seen the Ladies in concert twice, and both shows were phenomenal. They had great energy, their set lists were huge and pulled from their entire catalog, and the whole experience was awesome. Whenever I’m having a bad day their albums are at the top of my list. But I haven’t bought a new album since Steven Page left.

As I understand it, it was an amicable parting. And the original keyboardist had left ages before that. But to me, it ain’t BNL without Steven. If you’re not familiar with their work, this is one of my very favorites (partially because Steven’s voice reminds me of Warren Zevon, another fav).

And then there’s…

COUNTINGCROWS_03_05_12Counting Crows

I’ve also seen these guys twice and they also put on one helluva show. I loved every single album, every single song – right up to “Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings.” SUCK. And now they’re too country for my taste. Such a shame, “Hanginaround” was just a fucking classic.

So yeah, I have kind of interesting taste in music, and I’m picky as hell. And when I find an artist/album I really like, I will listen to that shit constantly. For example…

Seriously, you just can’t go wrong with Weird Al. The man is a GENIUS. And honestly, everything is better with a little accordion action. I’ve also seen him in concert and let me tell you, THAT is an experience. His shows are really just that – shows. Equal parts freak show and stunning musicianship. Don’t pass up the opportunity to see him if you have it.

And y’all know by now that my favorite right now is the inked up fellas from Denton, TX.

bfsBowling for Soup

Honestly, what’s not to love? The sing about all kinds of great stuff, they don’t take themselves seriously, and you can actually understand the majority of what they’re singing – it’s perfect! Here’s one I don’t think I’ve shared with y’all before.

Well, there ya go kids – Mama did a music brain dump. There are plenty more goodies I could share with you, but that’s all I can dredge up for now. Now that you maybe have a better idea of what I tend to go for, does anyone have suggestions for other artists I should investigate?