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Ah yes, a calm little thunderstorm to start the morning… Nothing quite like it.

Well, nothing except an onslaught of pictures to amuse you.

godzillaevie3I spent some time with Josh yesterday showing him how to do a few things in Photoshop. This was a joint effort we did that we’re calling “Eviezilla.” She’s my new cover pic in Facebook. It’s a composite of 4 different pieces that I then fucked with the tones. I’m quite pleased.

addies tulipsThis is the back corner of our yard and is the tiny flower bed where Mom and my little niece planted tulips. They’re in full bloom right now and look lovely. The bushes behind them are lilacs that mark the back of our property and help to separate us from the street. The lilacs haven’t bloomed yet, but you can rest assured that when they do you’ll be getting pics.

2012-04-03 17.37.17This was what they looked like a few years ago.

I’m recovering from the blood draw incident on Friday. I’m really glad I don’t have to deal with this more often. I know all the tricks, and do them, and some days Briana still has a hard time. I ended up getting stuck twice in my right arm, once in my left arm, the backs of both hands, and then she finally got the last out of my left middle finger. My left arm bruised terribly and still hurts. Yuck.

bruiseAlright, so maybe it’s not “terrible” but it sure as fuck hurts.

(reference mole not shown to scale)

But all of the chores are done, we’ve already dropped the bulk of the supplies at my office, and I did get some work done on the presentation yesterday. I’m hoping to get more work on something – presentation or school stuff, haven’t decided which – accomplished. I’m craving more of that sense of “doneness.”

autocorrectReally, “ducking?”

The storm is getting a little more intense and Evie isn’t liking it one bit. She’s camped out on the bed next to Josh right now, which is funny considering I had to move her “throne” next to the desk. She seems very put out that there’s noise happening.

IMG_3106“Fuck this shit, I’ma lick my butt”