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my view right nowOk, I lied – I’m sitting. And that’s the view of my desk in front of me. There are squirrels as the wallpaper on the laptop, a small glass of milk, a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough (spooned out of a tub that had “don’t eat raw cookie dough” stamped on the lid), a stack of CDs I’m ripping to my laptop, a glass of Snapple tea, and my insulated glass of cherry limeade. Three simultaneous beverages is not uncommon for me. In an average day I drink close to 6 quarts of stuph.

My partner for the school project emailed me at 3:30 to tell me he’d been called in to work. He thoughtfully attached the bits I was missing. I didn’t get the email until I got home because the head tech guy came to get the last pieces they needed off my dying hard drive. My new computer finally arrived and I’ll get it tomorrow. And while he was in the process of doing his whatever, the computer locked up and had to be rebooted.

So anyway, it’s almost time to drug myself unconscious for the night, but I wanted to say HI. Y’all maybe don’t get how much I love being able to vent here and get feedback. I asked Josh to look at the full FB post and make sure I wasn’t taking it way too personal before I went “killer gorilla” on that punk’s ass. His opinion was that it wasn’t as bad as I was taking it, but that the guy is definitely a dumb young punk who doesn’t really understand how to appropriately talk to people.

And THAT is why I put people in time out – so I don’t end up making an ass of myself and stooping to their level.

do not ruin my day