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I try to be tolerant and understanding, I really do. Our differences are what helps to keep life interesting. I may not always fully get why someone believes a particular way, but I try to abide by the “live and let live” philosophy.

And I’ve been around the block a few times, so when someone appears to be asking for help, I try to offer what I can. Most times this works out just fine. But sometimes…

This morning I saw a post on FB from a young man who works here. He was bitching about how he got nothing done this weekend and how guilty that made him feel. I offered some advice about time management and lists and got blasted. Yes, I’m going so far as to refer to the return comment as “blasting.” Me, who has 2 degrees under my belt and is working on a 3rd, evidently doesn’t understand that he was whining about being lazy. Cuz really, how could I possibly be so fucking stupid?

Oh, pardon me, I thought you were soliciting advice, not using FB as a platform to whine about how you can’t get off your own ass long enough to do homework. What the fuck was I thinking?

I can tell you what I’m thinking now…


assholeAnyway, he’s in time out. And he’ll likely stay there for a good long while. Because the conversation went on, without me.

He and some girl he’s friends with, who is apparently a grad student, were commiserating about being afraid of flunking out of school and *gasp* having to get jobs as Burger King managers.

Here’s where we pause for me to tell y’all that my dearest mommy was a manager of several Burger King restaurants while I was growing up. She was an awesome manager, one of the very best in this whole damn area. And let me tell you, neither of those spoiled little fucks has what it would take to pull off being a fast food restaurant manager. Quite frankly, I’m sort of surprised either of them can manage dressing themselves.

But I digress.

brains are awesomeThis week is what used to be referred to as Dead Week, meaning that no tests could be given and students were supposed to be preparing for finals. Someone decided that sounded too gruesome so now it’s called Prep Week. Whatever it’s called, it means chaos for me. The faculty are frantically getting ready for finals and for the summer semester. My calendar didn’t look bad when I got here this morning. Now it looks like a toddler started a game of Tetris and gave up. It’s ugly.

But last night I managed to get the presentation done and the handout for it done. So YAY for that. I’ve sent it to a few folks here for a final proof reading, but I’m basically at the point of washing my hands of it. My partner for the group thing is supposed to be stopping by this afternoon at 3 to finish what we need to do. All that’s really left for school is a few minor bits and then a 10 page paper. No sweat.

And I suppose I should warn y’all that I’ve been talked into doing a 25 day song Challenge with Twindaddy. Prepare to be underwhelmed.

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