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Why did no one tell me I could schedule posts to show up later? For fucks sake people, I thrive on the efficiency! Drop these little nuggets of awesome on me next, alright?

Sorry, it’s chaotic and crazy and some other unpleasant words that start with C but I can’t be bothered to think of right now.

The presentation is DONE. I ran it by K, who had minor suggestions, and has since put her seal of approval on it. I’m just waiting to find out how the distribution of handouts is being handled. Oh, and I need to load everything to my personal site and finish spiffing that before the symposium, considering I’m publishing the site address on my handouts.

I got the last bits of “group garbage” for class done this morning, now I just need to do the individual bits. Which is how I should have been spending the last hour or so, but it was way more fun getting ready for Twindaddy’s 25 Songs challenge. I’ve got the first 11 written and queued up. YAY ME! I figure I really need to stay totally ahead of this given that the presentation is May 15, I teach two classes on May 16, and my summer class starts on May 19.

For being so highly educated, I am one dumb fucker.

i love you lamp