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To say that it’s already been a day would be rather an understatement. Rather I tell you. Rather. But black jeans will save us all.

Since I work in an environment that is allegedly “professional” I frequently have to dress like a “professional” even though I still consider myself a small child. On days that don’t involve meetings with people outside the department or scheduled training sessions I can dress more casual, like jeans and a nice shirt. When we finally get to enjoy summer weather – all 3 days of it – I have some appropriate length dress shorts that I can wear. It ain’t all that bad.

But I have a limited collection of dressy pants, mostly because I don’t like dressy pants, and it’s just too fucking cold today for a skirt. So, black jeans – which look a helluva lot like black dressy pants – are totes acceptable. And way more comfy. So, YAY!

Isn’t it funny though how, even when we don’t intend to, we judge people by the way they look? I try to be a really open-minded and tolerant soul, but I still make assumptions in my head about what people might be like or do for an occupation based on what they look like. I don’t let those initial “silent” assumptions color my treatment of them, at least until they prove that I’m right or wrong. I can’t always spot the assholes right away, but it doesn’t usually take me too long.

And thinking about that got me thinking about what people think when they look at me. I can tell you that when I’m talking to people here on campus and I get to the point of feel comfortable disclosing my Dx to them that everyone seems utterly gobsmacked. (isn’t that a great word?) But I don’t know if that’s because of my outward appearance or how I act or what.

And really, who the fuck cares. I’m me. Ya don’t like me? Too fucking bad, it’s your loss.

not a single fuck kitty

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