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It’s a well known fact amongst the folks I run with that there are very few foods that I won’t eat. In fact, the list is short enough that I can run through most of it right here quite easily.

  • Liver (and maybe other organ meat, but that’s just speculation)
  • Fresh mango
  • Avocado (only if it’s naked – I will eat an entire batch of guacamole all by myself)
  • Cheap hot dogs

That’s IT. And I have the same issue with all of those – texture. I love love love guac because it’s not slimy after you add the other ingredients. And I totally enjoy the flavor of mango, so I usually get it dried or go for mango-flavored stuff. Food with a texture that I find “funky” are just a no-go in my world.

There are a few foods that I’m not all that excited about, but I’ll eat them as long as they’re not the only thing I’m going to eat. Brussel sprouts fall into that category as do most raw veggies. And there are some things that the people I live with would rather I didn’t eat, like pepperoni and beans.

And then there’s mushrooms.

I adore stuffed mushrooms. I love me some big ass stuffed and grilled Portabello mushrooms. And I really like the flavor of mushroom in gravy. But I’m not all that keen on eating them on pizza or those canned things. I’ll eat around them because Mom and Josh enjoy them, and lord knows they humor me often enough when it comes to other things.

All of this ridiculous lead up so that I feel justified in having put out a post for this tiny little story that’s probably more appropriately referred to as an anecdote…

Mom called me at the office yesterday. The conversation went like this.

Mom:  You’ll never guess what A just did.

Me:  Probably not.

Mom:  I was sitting on the couch and she walked up and out of the blue said “shit talking mushrooms.”

Me:  What the fuck?

Mom:  I know, so I asked her to say it again. “Shit talking mushrooms.” And then it dawned on me, “shiitake mushrooms,” so I asked her if that’s what she meant and she said “yeah, shit talking mushrooms.”


Anyone in the mood for some Shit Talking Mushrooms?