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lets go outI’ve got my presentation backed up on 2 USB drives, 2 different places on my hard drive, and in 2 different clouds (Dropbox and Google Drive). I’m taking the laptop with. I’ve tested the wireless clicky thing that will advance my slides. The Backpack O’ Death is on the counter and started to be filled. I’ve got an extra lighter, lip balm, Tylenol, Immodium, sunglasses case, billfold, a few snacks (I’ll add the rest in the morning), my binder, and a portable charger for my cell phone. The iPad and phone are charging, both will go in when I leave in the morning. I put the organizer dude’s cell number in my phone. The directions to the hotel are in the binder as are the handouts. My website is up to date.

I honestly don’t think there’s anything left to do but vomit from excess nerves.

puking_rainbows_guy_in_hd_by_lemmino-d6026ugWish me luck, kids.