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roadkill-featuredI kind of feel like this poor little bastard right now. I’ve got a half-ass headache, my digestive system is on a rampage, and I am surrounded by IDIOTS. There’s a ton of stuff I really need to be doing, but right now I’m snacking on croutons, drinking iced tea, and listening to Blues Traveler. I’m contemplating going out to smoke, but that’s just a little too far from the toilet right now.

poo bikeDude, I have got to lay off the Google Image searches… Fuck…

Anyway, I’m trying to get back in the swing of things. There are lists to be dealt with, email to respond to, maybe a Wonder Twins post to put together, and plans for the weekend to sort out. Plus there’s a visit with shrinky-poo this afternoon. Should be just a routine med check and follow up from the blood work she ordered last month.

apologize to the nice treeAww yea, love me a little Hugh Laurie. Where were we?

Oh, yes, anyway, I’ve got another Organizational Tips for Little Squirrels started for next Monday. If anyone has a “theme” they’d like me to cover, just let me know. Next week I’m going for inexpensive tools to help organize stuph. Cheap is good, at least when it comes to staying organized. You should stay away from cheap women. They never end up being cheap in the right ways.