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Yup, Mama is messing again. Do ya like the new look? Yeah, the header is a whole lot like the last one, but I had no fucking clue that I could put in a pretty color background to match. Ah yes, purple – ain’t it grand?

Anyway, this is about all I’m capable of right now. I’m still not sleeping good, mostly because of some shit going on at home that I just don’t feel like going into right now. Josh and I are fine, but there are things beyond our control that are influencing us and how we’re treating each other. It’s ok, we’ll get through it, it just might be less than stellar for a bit.

This morning I spent some time going through my email again and fishing out resources I want to hang on to for a couple of projects. That was good. I also transferred some notes to my board related to a whole new set of bullshit I have to fit in this summer. And I got Twindaddy to do a little testing with me, which was kind of nifty in a totally geeky way. Hey, I’m easily amused.

This afternoon I’ve been mostly fucking off. I tweaked the look stuph here and I’ve been messing a bit with FB. Right now I’m listening to my boss and the communication monkey fight about our new website. Hello raging headache.

At any rate, I’ve been thinking about how much fun I’ve had doing the 25 songs in 25 days challenge and that maybe I should setup another one. But not for any time too soon. So, in the spirit of efficiency, here’s a form to fill out for ideas and stuph…

That’s all for now, kids. There’s only 3 days left in the music challenge and I can’t wait to share mine with you.