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organizational skills for squirrelsWelcome to this week’s installment of Mama’s Organizational Skills for Little Squirrels. This week we’re going to focus on inexpensive ways to corral your crap because, chances are, you’re like me – not exactly shitting Benjamins on a regular basis. Anything we can do to live the champagne lifestyle while making beer wages is more money we can spend on actual beer. Mmmm, beer….

Ok, so here are some of my favorite little inexpensive tricks.

1980-01-01 00.00.46Over the door shoe organizer

I like this one for several reasons. One, it’s not that expensive and is fairly well made. Two, it keeps me from buying more shoes. My shit has to fit in there, period. I cheat like a mothafucking fiend by putting a pair in a single slot whenever possible. Still. And three, it makes it quite easy to find both shoes when I want them. Saving time is almost as good as saving money. On the other side of the door is a hook that fits over the top and has room for several hangers plus a regular old hook at the end. I use this to keep my shirt for the next day easily accessible and out of harm’s way. (Evie likes to sleep on clothes)


I’ve got a tiny basket on my nightstand to hold misc bits, Josh has one on his dresser for bits, there’s a big one on the counter for my current craft projects, there’s a small one under the basement bathroom sink for misc medical supplies, there’s a medium sized one with a lid on top of my desk that holds extra pens and markers – you get the idea. They’re great for little things that tend to get lost easily or don’t lend themselves to other forms of being corralled.

1980-01-01 00.00.17Speaking of pens, this is the pen holder I have on my desk at home. In a former life it was a candle holder. I needed something to put my pens in, I couldn’t light a candle in this where it had been living, so voila. The moral of this piece of the story is “get creative.” Just because a container is designed to do one thing doesn’t mean it isn’t totally suited to doing something else. Time to literally think outside the fucking box, kids.

card organizerGreeting Card Organizer

I know, who the fuck sends cards anymore? Me, that’s who. And for a time when I was in college (the first time) I worked at the Hallmark at the mall. And I bought one of these. It’s a spiral bound book with a pocket for each month and places to write people’s names and birthdays. You could totally make your own with a 3-ring binder. Or use a shoe box with dividers. Or keep making fun of me because I’m the only fucking idiot who still sends paper cards.

1980-01-01 00.00.08Segregation (in the closet) is an awesome thing

That’s my closet, part of it anyway. I separate my dresses from my skirts from my work shirts. Sweatshirts and t-shirts are folded on the shelf. Shorts I can wear to work and all capri pants I can wear to work come next. The rest of the shelf is Josh’s – 2 stacks of t’s and 2 stacks of long sleeved shirts. My work shirts are sorted by color. When I decide that today is going to be a purple day, I know right where to go. Does this make me a touch neurotic? Ask me if I honestly give a rat’s ass. It takes me next to no time at all to find what I want and it’s super easy to see if what I want is clean.

Well kids, there you have it, five of Mama’s least expensive organizational tips. What are your best budget friendly organizing tips?