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Oy, what a weekend. Every time I have a long weekend I go into it thinking “this will be the most awesome thing EVAH!” But when it’s almost over, I’m chomping at the bit to get back to work. And then when I do get back to work it’s all, “someone get the shovel, I’ve got a plan for the tunnel out of this joint.”

The tunnel moment happened at approximately 7:23am. I didn’t get here until 7:20 this morning.

Anyway, it was a good weekend. We got tons of shit done and the space looks phenomenal. I tore apart the bookshelves, got the entire music collection cataloged, cleaned out my pj drawer, organized some of the cupboards in the basement, organized some files on the laptop, made some excellent pork roast, and brought some things to the office. This morning I cleaned out and organized the one remaining cupboard in the office that hadn’t been touched and went through my paper files.

I’ve got a fuckton of ideas for future posts, some of them already written. I’m totally grooving on this whole “write now and schedule for the dumping later” business. Totes phenom.

Speaking of working ahead, I’m just about ready to unleash the idea for the challenge I’m going to host. Here’s the sketchy details:

  • start July 2
  • one post each Weds for 7 weeks
  • something about random and/or weird facts about you

I’m still working on the name and the banner-esque thingy for it. Suggestions are welcome.

Wow, yeah, that’s all I’ve got.

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