7weirdAs promised, there will be a challenge this summer. I don’t have quite everything setup yet (mostly this interesting link up thingyjigger), but here’s what I do have.

  • We’ll start on July 2 and do one post per week for 7 weeks on Wednesdays. (post whatever the fuck else you want when you want – the more the better, I say)
  • I’ll make a page dedicated to the prompt info and links to the participants’ blogs.
  • Feel free to steal the banner. Or make your own. Makes no difference to me.
  • I’ll setup a “link up” to make it easier to hop to all the posts – as soon as I figure it out.

That’s basically it. Here are the prompts:

  1. Weirdest food/food combination you like that everyone else thinks is nasty
  2. Weirdest thing about you that other people don’t usually know
  3. Weirdest thing you do to relax
  4. Weirdest habit/routine you have
  5. Weirdest thing you collect
  6. Weirdest way you’ve ever earned money
  7. Weirdest random fact about yourself (something you’ve done, something you like, somewhere you’ve been, etc.)

If you’re interested, leave me a note in the comments. I’ll put up a sign up form on the page (that I still need to create, fuck) just as soon as I get off my macaroni-salad-eating-dead-ass.