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Here’s a few things you should know about me:

  • I go by “Mental Mama” but I’ve never had any kids of my own. I am mental and I have some mama instincts. Seems appropriate.
  • I try my best to give folks the benefit of the doubt and just assume that everyone else is a decent human being until they prove otherwise. Sometimes I let them get away with not being decent many times before I realize how not-decent they really are.
  • The outside is solid wood, but the inside is under-done cookie. Feelings, I haz them.
  • I try my best not to bitch and whine too often. I much prefer to make folks laugh than feel sorry. Sometimes though, yeah, sometimes.
  • I express my empathy freely, but rarely dole out sympathy.
  • When I’m hurting in my heart too much, I shut up and shut down.

There might not be much here the next few days. I have some things which need taking care of, and I need some time and space to do that. My intention is to be here sometime this weekend for the Ten Things of Thankful, but I can’t even say that that’s a for sure thing. There are a few posts already scheduled to drop next week and those will still go out as planned.

Know that I think of all of you as my “kids” – even though many of you are older than me – and I care about you.

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