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  1. I made more progress with my Building Rome goals than I thought I would. (full update on Monday)
  2. Yesterday was payday for me which means it was also haircut day. I now no longer look quite as old thanks to the amazing color talents of my lovely stylist. And Josh got a haircut, too.
  3. I was able to finish the first, and most critical I think, part of one of my work projects – on schedule.
  4. I found, and got registered for, a very interesting sounding conference at the end of June. Everyone on my team usually goes to at least one conference every year for “professional development” stuff. But I absolutely HATE to travel, particularly for work, so I found one that’s local and should be phenomenal. The best part is that I’ll be able to sleep in my own damn bed.
  5. I was able to make time to do some creative things, just because I wanted to.
  6. I have continued to be amazed at how much I really can accomplish when I put my mind to it, and how much easier it is to maintain my momentum once I get things rolling.
  7. I was struck again by just how amazing my blogging friends are. Y’all might not realize how much your love and support really mean. Then again, you might.
  8. I was invited to a birthday party for my oldest and dearest friend and I am absolutely going to go.
  9. Not taking a class this summer means more time I can spend doing what I want to do. I was worried at first that I’d have too much time on my hands and get bored, but that really hasn’t been the case. I’m really kind of loving this.
  10. I was struck last night by how lucky I am to have Josh. He was really rather a pain in the ass a lot at the beginning, but we’ve managed to make great strides in our marriage and I feel as though we’ve really grown up a lot, together. And I’m sure he’s not everyone’s idea of “dreamy,” but sitting at dinner last night with him I had this moment of “gawd damn that is one fine looking fella!”
Ten Things of Thankful