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Oh for fuck sake, let’s just get on with it already…

TToTI’m grumpy, good and fucking grumpy. It was a rotten ass day in the salt mines, my body is both revolting and revolting (can’t be bothered to explain that), my arm is starting to really hurt, and Evie has figured out that if she hides in the morning I can’t possibly give her medicine. Such a lovely little feline. So maybe this little thankfulness exercise will fix my fucking foul mood.

  1. I just watched Josh damn near kill himself by sniffing his own socks that he’d been wearing all day. The face he made was comedic gold.
  2. I have submitted our dinner order and Josh shall be leaving shortly to fetch it. The pizza we both grew up on, mushrooms on only his half, and excellent garlic cheesebread. Yum.
  3. He is also going to stop at the convenience store and get me smokes and some Peace Tea Sno-Berry. If you like a gently blueberry flavored tea, it’s fucking awesome.
  4. I made myself a mix CD for in the jeep of my new favorite artist, Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer. Seriously kids, if you haven’t looked him up on YouTube you’re totes missing out.
  5. The rotten little feline greeted me at the door.
  6. I figured out how to circumvent some potential issues at work. Yet again we’ll be changing our registration system mid-stream and I needed to work out a way to use two at the same time for an interim period. Problem solved.
  7. I feel like I’ve done remarkably well given that Mom has been in Portland since Sunday. I’ve talked to her briefly every day, which helps. I wish she was having more fun, but it really made me feel good the other day when she told me she’s looking forward to coming home to some of my good cooking.
  8. I’ve become a Backpack Convert. I’d been having a terrible time with my large purse being heavy on my shoulder and trying to carry all of the various supplies into the office that I need. I had gotten a really nice pack from Land’s End when we went to Orlando a few years ago and I’ve put it into use. My shoulder and back are thanking me for it.
  9. There are honestly so many things to potentially do this weekend that I’m not sure how I’ll decide. And there’s actually a little money available so some of those may come to be.
  10. And lastly, I am ever so thankful that Josh found this tidbit for me.

TI4U_u1141059664That’s Taylor Lautner of Twilight fame as Shark Boy from the kid’s movie “The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl.” In my not so humble opinion, this is utterly fucking hilarious. BWHAHAHA!