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backwards dogbear with me, it’s been one of “those” weeks

I’m sure I’ll have something interesting and witty to say later, but right now I can’t be fucking bothered. But hey, don’t forget, next Friday those of us with ink are going to flash it for the rest of you. (keep it tasteful, for fuck sake) If you’ve already done a post about your ink, leave me the link in the comments and I’ll just pop that fucker into my post next week. Oh, btw, I just realized that’ll be Friday the 13th and I’ll be on vacation hanging out with my tiny homies. Word, yo. (honestly, what the fuck does that even mean? “word?” which fucking word?)

Anyway, speaking of tasteful, I’ve got to get back to my new favorite song – “it doesn’t pay to turn up late to an orgy.”


Fuck, pass the double shot mocha – we’re in for a long day.