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my mindYeah, pretty much right now

The body is going on strike again, the brain is a jumbly mess, my moods are rather ping-pongesque, and it is still hotter than hammered hell around here. So really, it’s what I like to call “Thursday.”

I did finally get a chance to talk to my boss and tell her I was pissed about S’s ridiculous joke the other day. She admitted to me that she found it funny herself but could see why it upset me. Her “hot button” thing apparently is people using the word “retarded” which I entirely understand. Not cool, kids – remember that. Anyway, I told her I’m maintaining a civil distance until I can tell S appropriately (read:  without hitting her upside the head) that jokes about suicide should not be uttered in my presence.

We also discussed how I still haven’t found a way to cram 24 hours worth of work into an 8 hour work day.stewieI’ve been granted permission to see how it goes working from home periodically. I’ve also been told that it’s totally acceptable to block off time on my calendar indicating I’m not available for meetings, shut the phone off, not answer emails immediately, and lock myself in my office in order to avoid interruptions. On Tuesday I’ll be trying this “in office arrest” setup to see how it goes. I’ve already notified the team and the help desk that I’m doing this, so we’ll just have to see I guess.

I have figured out, or rather I should say remembered about, a form of therapy which works wonders for me. It’s faster than any drug, no unpleasant side effects, I don’t need an Rx, and it’s 100% natural.

2014-06-14 09.08.00She can tell when I don’t feel good and comes right up to get snuggles. Her purr is sooo soothing and her fur is sooo soft. When Josh is at school she stays pretty close to me. She’s curled up in his chair that I pulled over by my desk right now. Such a little sweetie.

I’m not really a political type person, and I’m not about to start being one just to be “in” with anyone, but this kind of seems to fit with the talk going on right now about racism. And this is all I intend to say about it.


And, given that this picture looks like it might have been taken in a WalMart, I’ll close out today’s episode with this…

to do