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shiny thingsOh I do love when I need to make a new banner…

I doubt that I’m quite ready to be back to “business as usual” around here, but I do want to start nudging myself in that direction. To that end, I’m going to try to take advantage of the evenings Josh is at school to schedule some goodies for y’all. Wednesday was “weird” day for awhile, but when I got to thinking about what I could put together for y’all this time, the idea of distracting you with shiny things came to mind. At any rate, I’m going to see how this goes and we’ll take it from there.

flower dividerOne of the faculty members I worked with recently is teaching a course that deals with Native American culture and media, and she introduced me to Powwow Shades of Grey. It’s a novel that was written entirely via Twitter and it is hilariously raunchy.

flower dividerIf you’re not familiar with the comic genius that is The Oatmeal, I cannot recommend visiting the site enough. Matt, the brains behind it, has a totally sick sense of humor that I find delightful. Everything he puts out is awesome, but I must say I find his “Horrible” greeting cards exceptionally awful.

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Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer with an Ode to the Commode.

flower divider10449939_336533353165073_4533593468879025882_nflower dividerIMG_1546I leave you today with a watercolor pencil drawing that Josh did for me awhile back. Hey, even I can’t do snark all the time.