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goalsWow, it feels like it’s been ages since I’ve done the Green Embers Building Rome challenge. Life in Mamaville has just been ridiculously busy lately. I finally feel like I’m getting my shit back on track, which is good. Unfortunately, in this span of time where my shit hasn’t been on track my good habits that I was building have gone totally down the shitter.

There wasn’t a theme announced for this week’s challenge (when I decided to write my post, anyway), so I’m going to follow my own – putting the puzzle back together. (which, now that I see that this week’s theme is “metamorphosis” I think is kind of fitting)

  1. Tidy up the living space and make the bed every morning before leaving.
  2. Take my morning pills every day.
  3. Spend time doing creative shit at least three times this week.

Given how busy shit is going to get, I’m gonna call it good with that. Let’s see how I do…