7weirdWhat is the weirdest food/food combination you like that everyone else thinks is nasty?

Gah, I came up with these rotten ass questions and now I can’t think of what I should say for this one!

The way I was raised has resulted in me eating damn near everything. The list of food I utterly refuse to eat consists of one thing – liver. There are a few other things I prefer not to eat, almost entirely due to their texture, but I will eat them. That list includes avocado, fresh mango, lima beans, brussel sprouts, and really just about any kind of bean except green.

That’s it.

You’d think that this would just scream for some kind of weird combo, but not so much. I tend to go for taste combinations that are not that unusual by the standards of your average white girl in North America. I like chocolate and peanut butter, whipped cream on most sweet things, potatoes next to my meat…

bacon sandwichDammit I’m having a hard time with this.

Mom makes this thing for breakfast sometimes that involves scrambling eggs over shredded hashbrowns, but that’s not really weird. Very tasty, not weird.

I like to eat plain ridged potato chips – Ruffles are best – with tzatziki, which is a Greek cucumber/yogurt sauce. But Mom and Josh also really like that, so maybe not that weird.

CnFwLFLThe only thing that really comes to mind is my odd love of cooked onions. I’d rather have sauteed onions than any kind of sauce on a steak or a burger. I put onion in with any veggie mix that I throw on the grill. I can eat an entire softball size cooked onion by myself.

Of course, there are consequences…

women dont fartI assure you, it does NOT smell like rainbows.

 Josh has informed me that it is way weirder that I prefer to eat damn near everything with utensils, which is true. I will eat hot dogs, sandwiches, and chips with my bare hands, but I will not gnaw on a chicken leg – I’ll pull the meat off with a fork and then eat it. And I have been known to eat cheese fries with a fork. But that’s not weird, it’s just sanitary.

knife-and-forkI guess maybe when it comes to food, I’m just not that weird after all.

horizontal-36856_640If that wasn’t enough weird, go check out Farmer Farthing, Alice at Wonderland, RosieSmrtiePants, or Knocked Over by a Feather