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2014-07-01 00.38.57If only it was that simple…

F and I worked on one room yesterday – just one. She refers to it as “Monica’s closet” which is a reference to Friends, that tv show from the 90s about the group of people living in New York who were all pals and had odd things happen. Never was much into that one. But anyway, it started as wall to wall stuff. We got 3 large bags of garbage, 2 large bags of paper to be shredded, and probably 12 bags of clothes/purses/misc stuff to be donated. Oh, and one box with a VCR to donate. The entire back of my jeep was full of the stuff to take to Goodwill.

2014-07-03 14.25.01The woman at Goodwill who helped me unload damn near wet herself.

She managed to get the closet emptied and refilled with the things she was keeping, we sorted some of the other bits into categories, and she got quite a bit of stuff off the floor. But you still can’t really see the bed and every flat surface is covered. We started at 8am and wrapped up at 2:15. In all honesty, we could probably spend another entire day in there. And again, that was just in ONE ROOM.

I love her, I really do, but having that kind of chaos around all the time would drive me batshit crazy.

Anyway, I didn’t get home yesterday until around 3:30 and then started doing a few of the chores. Mom got home early and she and I dropped the bags at Goodwill, went and had dinner at Culver’s, then went to Target to do a little shopping. I found a neat t-shirt for today, some glow bracelet things, raspberry cheesecake gelato, and 2 packs of chicken legs for tonight. Oh, and a Wonder Woman bottle.

2014-07-04 06.22.25I blame Josh for the Wonder Woman thing. Awhile back, can’t remember now when, he started referring to me as his “wonder woman” and it kind of stuck. I have a sticker of her emblem on my fridge at work, a flash drive that looks like a little statue of her, the WW Hot Wheels car, and this bottle is the actually the second drinking vessel I’ve had – sadly, the first one got dropped and it cracked.

Anyway, I’m behind in where I’d like to be with a few things right now, like reading blogs and responding to comments. I’ll get there, promise. I have been kind of keeping an eye on things through my phone and I gotta tell you, kids – I was utterly gobsmacked by the response to 7 Weeks of Weird. I’ll get the page updated with everyone’s links as soon as I can. I honestly had no idea that the response would be this amazing.

2014-06-23 13.02.47Alright my little loves, Mama’s gotta get back to work. For my American pals, I hope you have a safe holiday and please try hard to stay out of the ER. For my pals living elsewhere, I hope you get to start the weekend early and are able to enjoy every beautiful minute of it.