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Oh so much fun and some newness – can you stand it? Let’s get to it then.

breedersFirst up is your pretty/shitty pic for the week. This is a recurring theme for me. Lots of folks who have no business being parents to anything more than sea monkeys breed like gawddamn rabbits while other people who would make excellent parents are never given the chance. WHAT THE FUCK, UNIVERSE???

Now, for the new. Last week I decided that one of my goals for the Building Rome “challenge” would be to do more creative things. Juls issued me a specific challenge to draw an alien. I did, she loved it, I enjoyed the process immensely. Then on Monday of this week I got fed up with my boss and drew the devil. And loved it again. So then Juls decided we should both draw cats in hats. And then we decided it should be an officially official challenge. What would an officially official anything be around here without a new banner?

cartoon bannerThat was done the same as my other pictures have been – crappy markers on sketch paper. Now, this is my entry for this week’s challenge – a cat in a hat.

party catI’ve got to say, I am having a TON of fun with these pictures. I don’t think I’m necessarily very good at drawing, but it’s putting me back in touch with my inner kid.