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goalsGreetings and salutations! I have totally lost track of what week this is for me, and really, who cares. I’m doing it, and it’s working, and that’s all that matters. I feel like this week was a HUGE success in spite of all of the detours and road construction life threw in my path. And I’ll say again, if you feel like you’re at a point in your life where having a little nudge to set some small goals for yourself would be beneficial, then you might want to consider joining us.

Here’s my officially official update…

Last week’s set of goals:

  1. Spend time doing something creative at least 3 times this week. Oh so totally nailed this one! I’ve put pictures in below.
  2. Start scanning our photo prints. I thought about it, that counts, right?
  3. Clean up my files in Dropbox. DONE!
  4. Try to find one good thing which has happened each day, make a note of them, and share with you next week. DONE! List is below.

Established Goals for every week:

  1. Take pills every morning. DONE!
  2. Make bed and tidy living space. DONE!

little flower divider2014-07-12 15.19.55That was one of my creative projects. One of my friends from work gave me the wooden E already painted white. I had Josh put the black lines on, I wanted a paisley look but my hands aren’t steady enough, and then I had fun with the color. I ended up deciding to keep it at home. It’s propped on top of the hutch on my desk.

In addition to that, I spent time knitting several nights, including last night. I finally got Merry’s washcloth done, yay! Now I just need to figure out the rest of her care package and get started on at least one, maybe two or three more. I also did those drawings earlier in the week and I’m doing the Cartoon Challenge with Juls. So I really think the “do something creative” thing is moving to the Established Goals list.

little flower dividerMy goal of “keeping a list of one good thing each day” got off to a rocky start, mostly because I forgot about it. But then I found myself a blank notebook and started my list, and then it wasn’t too hard. So here’s how things looked last week:

  • 7/7 got ahead on writing posts
  • 7/8 found out that Evie is sick, but will get better
  • 7/9 infected my work computer with a virus but managed to clean every last bit of it up by myself; also got my old iPad reset to remove my apps and info and got my new iPad setup with only one question asked of the snotty Apple person
  • 7/10 actually relaxed
  • 7/11 had a really good talk with Josh
  • 7/12 finished 2 craft/creative projects and had almost all of the chores done before the kid arrived
  • 7/13 BFF and her guy came over for lunch

little flower dividerAnd now, on to the new goals.

This week:

  1. Work on scanning photos.
  2. Make another washcloth for the next care package.
  3. Participate in the Cartoon Challenge.
  4. Clean the surfaces at my office (dust/wipe down/etc.) – it’s gross.
  5. Keep a list of one good thing that happens every day. (I’d really like this one to become a habit as well. AND, I think this totally goes towards the weekly theme of introspection, so BONUS!)

Established Goals for every week:

  1. Take pills every morning.
  2. Make bed and tidy living space every morning.
  3. Do something creative at least 3x per week.