7weirdWhat is the weirdest thing you do to relax?

This may come as no surprise to y’all, but I find organizing shit very relaxing. It drives Josh and Mom nuts sometimes, but there are few things that will ease my aching brain like being able to tear apart an area that isn’t efficient or functioning well and put it back together in way that is both more efficient and more functional. If it’s also more aesthetically pleasing, BONUS!

article-2455513-18B033B100000578-945_634x509I could have rebuilt him for way less money, a lot faster, and he’d have had some great special attachments

I’ve actually talked to shrinky-poo about this need to clean and organize, and she says it’s perfectly fine. What happens is that when my brain is having trouble keeping all of my thoughts sorted out, chaos in my physical surroundings gets to be entirely too distracting and problematic. If I can calm the physical chaos, it becomes much easier to calm the mental chaos.

This coming weekend Mom and I have plans to tear apart the under-the-stairs storage area. She’s got some stuff under there and I’ve got some stuff under there. And given that we’ve pretty well decided that I’ll be living here a good long while, there’s no sense in hanging on to crap I really don’t need anymore. I’m really hoping I finally find the damn cross stitched rose pictures I appear to have misplaced.

little flower dividerWhy don’t you go see what the other weird kids are doing to relax?

If I’ve missed anyone I apologize, just make sure to add your name to the list.