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attitude of gratitudeDon’t get too excited, this is just my list of the good stuff that happened last week. I decided that it deserves a post of it’s own. Plus, my Building Rome posts were getting really long. And, I missed this rose.

  • 7/14 wore the butterfly shirt Josh and the kid got me, many compliments
  • 7/15 Josh got a 95% on his midterm, I wrote my first poem in MANY years
  • 7/16 new jammie pants from Mom
  • 7/17 girls’ night with Mom
  • 7/18 finally figured out who’s cage to rattle about getting Josh’s financial aid taken care of
  • 7/19 found a plethora of forgotten treasures during the great “under the stairs clean-out adventure”
  • 7/20 redecorated the basement without spending a dime by rearranging and reusing things I already had

What made you happy this past week?