goalsWow, what a week! Most of the time I felt busier than a one-legged man in an asskicking contest. But it’s funny, the busier I am, the more I get done. Love it.

Anyway, I made excellent progress this week. I’m debating about how many regular weekly goals to be setting right now given that things at work are only going to keep getting busier and that I’ve got quite a few Established Goals going now. I have to say though, this whole process has been amazingly helpful for me. I’d encourage you to go visit the Building Rome post on Green Embers’ site for more info.

The past week:

  •     Work on scanning photos. Got it started, but damn is this going to take awhile!
  •     Make another washcloth for the next care package. Done!
  •     Participate in the Cartoon Challenge. Got my self-portrait done!
  •     Clean the surfaces at my office (dust/wipe down/etc.) Done! I broke this up over several days since there are so damn many surfaces in my office, but that helped. I also took advantage of having things kind of tore apart to rearrange and redecorate a bit.

The theme for this week is feedback – receiving it gracefully. In my mind there is a huge difference between plain old criticism and constructive criticism, or feedback that is useful and polite. I can disagree with your ideas all day long, but there’s no reason for me to be rude about it. I’m accustomed to receiving feedback at work – it’s just part of how things work around here. But I’m going to ask y’all for feedback, on this post right here. I’m playing around a little with colors for some of the text and with the order in which I do the blocks of goals. I would honestly like to hear what you think about it.

Goals for next week:

    • Keep working on scanning the pictures. I’d like to get a total of 100 images scanned.
    • Keep at least one day ahead of where I am currently with scheduled posts. This should ensure that the only time y’all go post-less around here is on the weekends, and maybe not even then.
    • Bump those creative things up to 4x. Cartoon Challenge doesn’t get to count for this!
    • Take the feedback I get on this post and use it to make next week’s update even better.

Established Goals for every week:

    •     Take pills every morning. Done.
    •     Make bed and tidy living space every morning. Done.
    •     Do something creative at least 3x per week. Done. I tried some origami (didn’t work, but I tried), I made a couple of new banner things for my blog, I knit several times, and I “redecorated” both my office and our living space at home. In my mind, that all definitely counts.
    •     Keep a list of one good thing that happens every day. Done.
    •     Participate in the Cartoon Craziness Challenge. Done.

I’m going to stick with this set of Established Goals for now, well, this week at least. (except for bumping the creative one to 4x) There are other goals I plan to set in the near future which are things I would like to see turn into habits, but I don’t want to overwhelm myself.