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attitude of gratitudeI’m going to do this like last week – this is my list of “one good thing” that happened each day over the last week, which is part of my Established Goals for Building Rome. The longer I do this exercise, the more I realize how much it makes me stop and re-frame my life. There really is a whole lot more good going on than most of us realize.

  • 7/21 – had an all around amazing day; got tons done at work, cooked a phenomenal meal, and drew a great cartoon – all thanks to taking the anxiety pills
  • 7/22 – the presentation I’ve been preparing for went well in spite of my technical ineptitude; did a simple sketch of some lilac blossoms in my mini-sketch book while at work
  • 7/23 – drew a very good, not at all real looking, flower and then added good color with Josh’s special watercolor pencils
  • 7/24 – had a phenomenal evening hanging with Mom; had dinner out and then ran to the grocery store and laughed damn near the whole time
  • 7/25 – got to spend some time with friends
  • 7/26 – went for a pedicure with Mom
  • 7/27 – got to see my beautiful nieces

What made you happy this past week?