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reach for the starsI want to start by saying thanks to those of you who left me feedback on my post. I appreciate your input on the colors and I hope you’ll find this scheme a little easier, I know I do. Sometimes I can’t see the forest for all the damn trees and I need someone else to give me a nudge in a more effective direction. If you feel like perhaps a nudge in a more effective direction would be helpful for you, consider joining the Building Rome crew.

Last week’s goals:

  • Keep working on scanning the pictures. I’d like to get a total of 100 images scanned. I kept going with this, but I don’t think I scanned quite that many pictures. One thing I did find was that a lot of the prints that I’ve been hanging on to, I really didn’t want anymore – such as scenery from really old vacations. So in that regard I feel like I was still quite successful.
  • Keep at least one day ahead of where I am currently with scheduled posts. This should ensure that the only time y’all go post-less around here is on the weekends, and maybe not even then. Wow, this was just too vague in my mind. I am far enough ahead that I don’t feel pressured right now, so I’m going to call that good. Since I really do feel that this helps with my anxiety levels, I’m going to keep going with it next week.
  • Bump those creative things up to 4x. Cartoon Challenge doesn’t get to count for this! More than 4x actually if you count the multiple new banners and the various bits of sketching I did. YAY!
  • Take the feedback I get on this post and use it to make next week’s update even better. Done!

Established Goals for every week:

  • Take pills every morning. This has been remarkably easy now that I’ve taken the vitamins out of the equation. Shrinky-poo is insisting I take a vitamin D pill, but taking it at night is working much better.
  • Make bed and tidy living space every morning. Done (enough).
  • Do something creative at least 3x per week. Done!
  • Keep a list of one good thing that happens every day. Done! I’m finding that I really enjoy this and look forward to writing that post every Sunday.
  • Participate in the Cartoon Craziness Challenge. If you missed it, this was my version of Wonder Woman. I am simply loving this challenge.

Goals for this week:

  • Keep scanning/sorting the picture prints.
  • Do a sketch at least 3x that is not tied to the Cartoon Challenge.
  • Do something creative (which is neither a sketch or the CC) at least 3x.

This is fewer goals than I normally do, but the start of the Fall semester is fast approaching at work and things at home are not going well right now AT ALL. In all honesty, I haven’t slept much since Friday and I don’t really see an end to this in the near future. I suspect there may be some big life changes on the horizon for Mama and I don’t want to add to my emotional burden any more than necessary. But I need the goals to keep me going.