CoS2I want/need to post an update about what happened last night with Josh, but I’m not ready yet. Nothing major happened and I’m fine, don’t worry. I’m just still processing some of what was said.

But Fish of Gold made a comment in her post yesterday about religion that got me thinking and wondering if I’d ever actually shared my religious philosophy with y’all. If I have, please forgive me. If not, prepared to be underwhelmed. And welcome, to the Church of the Snowflake…

Believe in the higher power of your understanding, call him or her what you’d like – we don’t mind. But don’t tell me that what I call my higher power is wrong, or that my beliefs are wrong. BE NICE. If you want to send prayers to an old white haired fella that you call God, that is awesome. But don’t tell me that I can’t send my prayers to Ceiling Cat, or Shiva, or kneel and face Mecca when I pray. BE NICE. You want to go to a pretty building once a week and pray there? Go for it. You want to use your spare time and your spare sheckles to help people in the name of your higher power? That is super, make sure you’re NICE to them. Do your best to not hurt people, physically or emotionally. Say NICE things, don’t be mean. Do not ever tell someone else that your higher power is better than theirs. Do not ever tell someone that they’re going to end up in your hell just because their beliefs do not precisely mirror yours. BE NICE. Don’t send us money, we don’t need it. Be kind to your brothers and sisters and the animals. If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your fucking mouth shut until you do. Amen, pass the gravy.