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attitude of gratitudeI totally blew it on the “keep track of one good thing that happened each day” goal. Totally. But some good things did happen and I’m going to try to pull them out of my brain-pan and make a list.

  • The cats now have enough kibble that I’m not at all concerned about them going hungry. They also have a fresh bag of treats and a new laser toy.
  • I found the last of the bits I wanted to include in a care package for a friend, now I just need to get everything assembled so that I can get it sent this week.
  • I worked on my budget and discovered that I/we can indeed make the financial things work if we behave like responsible adults.
  • We talked, finally, and things might get better.
  • I’m very proud of myself for not making any rash decisions last week, about anything. This whole “waiting a little bit to see how things will pan out” thing is really kind of cool.
  • One day at work last week I look in the mirror in the ladies room and thought to myself, “damn, these jeans make my ass look GOOD.” That was weird.
  • I’m really happy with how my drawing skills seem to be progressing. Now I just need to figure out how to have more time to practice them.

So there’s 7 good things that happened last week, which is not entirely what the goal was, but it’s going to be close enough.

We managed to get all of the errands except for running to my office done yesterday. Today I’m going to help Mom with some house work, do the office run, and then try to get the rest of my bits and such done. I really need to at least get my CCC drawing done, and it would be good to get a little further beyond that.

I am still kind of behind on reading blogs and responding to comments. I’ll get there, promise.