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reach for the starsAs I’m sure y’all know, last week was not so super. I had some unpleasantness going on at home and work just keeps getting busier. I had set fewer goals for myself hoping that would help. It did, a little, I just feel bad that I didn’t get more of the “little” done. C’est la vie. I think I still got more done than I otherwise would have because I had the Building Rome / setting goals structure in place.

On to the update…

Goals from last week:

  • Keep scanning/sorting the picture prints. Done. I didn’t get a whole lot scanned, but some.
  • Do a sketch at least 3x that is not tied to the Cartoon Challenge. I managed to get 2 done, so almost.
  • Do something creative (which is neither a sketch or the CC) at least 3x. I didn’t get anything creative done except for the 2 sketches. I did go to the craft store on Saturday and get some supplies for future projects, but that doesn’t really count.

Established Goals for every week:

  • Take pills every morning. Done. I found a way to make it even easier when I found a tiny round divided pill box thing at the pharmacy. The spaces are just big enough to hold the 3 pills I take in the morning and having it marked by day makes it way easier to see if I taken them. Best part – only $1.49.
  • Make bed and tidy living space every morning. Josh is still evidently thinking he needs to make the bed. I was grumpy enough last week that I just left it at that and called it good. This week I’m going to try to do a better job.
  • Do something creative at least 3x per week. Not quite, but I tried.
  • Keep a list of one good thing that happens every day. Not exactly, but I made something work. I’m calling this a success because I was able to think of 7 things that were “good” in my mind that happened over the course of the week.
  • Participate in the Cartoon Craziness Challenge. Yes, got my entry posted just about as late as possible, but I did it.

Goals for this week:

  • Keep working on sorting/scanning photos.
  • Keep sketching. I need to get at least one done.
  • Finish the bits for the care package for M. I need to get that in the mail.
  • Try to come up with a creative way to express “letting my freak flag fly” – that’s the theme for this week’s challenge.

That’s going to be it for this week. My calendar for work looks like a bad game of Tetris and it’s only going to get worse. Not sure if I’ve mentioned or not, but the week of Aug 11 I’ll be teaching 9 classes over 5 days and going in for a brief demo Saturday morning. The following week I’ll be staying late two nights for orientation sessions for adjunct instructors. I do get a week of vacation in September, which I’m looking forward to. No plans, other than a dental appointment, but just being off work will be nice.

My (un)happy little ass will be staying home today. I did something over the weekend to seriously piss my back off and didn’t sleep worth a shit because of it last night. I remember trying to wake Josh up at like 2am to see if he’d take me to the hospital. It actually hurts to breathe. Anyway, I’m waiting for the doc’s office to open to see if I can get a regular appointment. Much cheaper.